Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dragonbone/Dragonskin Ad from Dragon

Monster - Skeletal Man

A necromancer animates a skeleton from a rotting corpse. The magical power which creates an animated skeleton will strip the flesh from the bones as it knits them together in unseen tendons and muscle, Here is an example of a body in the process of animation. A gruesome spectacle.


Infinite Possibilities

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Castle Zagyg Ad From Dragon

NPC - Bhionn the Half-Drow

During the giant's invasion of Geoff it was found that the Drow were actually the masterminds behind the attacks. Many slaves were taken to the underoerth to serve the Drow and Bhionn's mother was one such captive. A Drow matron raised several of the resulting half-breeds and Bhionn became a sorceress in the service of Elemntal Evil in opposition to Lolth. She has no difficulty with sunlight though her unnaturally pale flesh shows the heritage of her Drow father.

Yaquinto - Attack of the Mutants Ad

Loved this cover art. Wonder what the bonus offer was for the game?